10 Well-being Tips for Study Success

Well-being for Study Success

How do you manage your study and work schedule with the added challenge of workload and stress? Here are my 10 tips for well-being and study success:

Tip #1 – Always identify deadlines

Ask for extensions if necessary.

Set times for doing and finishing things and stick to it. Write deadlines in places where you can easily see and remember which tasks are priority and when they are due.

Tip #2 – Ask questions

What, why, when, how?

These are all simple but important questions we need to ask about things that we are supposed to do. Time is precious so it’s important you ask questions about the benefit and impact of tasks you’ve been set. Ask questions especially for clarification.

There is a proverb in Hausa, ‘The questioner is never lost‘.

Tip #3 – Learn from feedback

Mistakes are both unavoidable and necessary for us to learn. We learn from both what we did and what we didn’t do well.

As a teacher, I spend time giving feedback to help learners develop and learn from what they did or didn’t do and how they can do better. So whenever you receive feedback on your work, make sure you understand that teachers only give you feedback to support your progress not to criticise your efforts.

Tip #4 – Know when to stop

Say no to yourself and/or others when you can’t or simply don’t want to do something.

As hard as it may be, it will benefit you in the long run if you are honest about what you are able to do realistically from the onset.

Nobody is a superhuman and you are no exception. Sometimes things are simply not possible to do and that is absolutely OK.

Tip #5 – Take regular breaks

Rebooting is necessary.

You have the power to set the reset button anytime you like. Your mind and body are not machines, so it’s important to give yourself time and space to detach from your workload regularly.

Try to incorporate regular breaks for water, fresh air, body stretches (especially if you spend a lot of time at a desk) and food or snacks into your work schedule.

Tips #6 – Keep a happy workspace

Your mind needs inspiration to work effectively.

Find a space that makes you feel happy or decorate your workspace with things that make you smile like photos of your favourite places or quotes from inspirational people.

If you have awards or certificates from previous achievements, why not display these too? This will encourage you especially when you’re not feeling your best by reminding you of how your previous hard work has paid off.

Tip #7 – Talk about it

What are you up to? What’s bothering you?

Whatever it is don’t keep it in. Share ideas with your peers and other people to collaborate on managing time, study skills, productivity or anything else that interests you.

You should also be able to talk to your tutors, lecturers or student well-being officers. If you have some really important things that are bothering you, you should seek professional help.

Tip #8 – Go outside

Sometimes you just have to say no, both to yourself and to others.

It might be difficult, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. You can’t always do it all at once.

Nobody is superhuman and you are no exception.

Tip #9 – Enjoy the process

Studying is fun, if approached with the correct mindset.

Think positively about the tasks ahead and you are far more likely to enjoy doing them. If you enjoy what you are doing, it will be a lot easier. So focus on the process and you will see positive outcomes.

Tip #10 -Relax

If you’ve done your best, you’ve done pretty much everything.

Now relax and let it come together. Detach yourself from your work now and watch it all fall into place.

I hopethese 10 tips help you improve your well-being for study success. For daily inspiration and tips on study skills follow me on Instagram

12 Keys To Success
‘12 Keys To Success’ eBook is available for instant digital download from my online store; Nafisa London & Co.
You can also get you copy of my eBook: ‘12 Keys To Success’  –  a strategically designed, straightforward and reader-centred guide on achieving your visions and dreams and written with 12 useful tips based on my first hand experience and strategies I’ve used to turn my education, business and career goals into tangible results. It is designed with hands-on practical advice to engage active rather than passive reading. This eBook is available for instant digital download from my online store; Nafisa London & Co.



New Mid-Year Monthly Planner – (free template)

Happy 1st of June! What beautiful weather we have been enjoying over the past month here in London, England! And now June is here, we can officially call it summer. What better way to celebrate here on this blog than with a freebie?

So here is a my newly designed mid-year monthly planner which you can download instantly here

It’s never to late to start or refine your schedule and I hope this template will help you organise your upcoming month so you have a productive and stress-free June.


~ Nafisa

Learn with Nafisa blog mid year monthly planner

Academic Reading Template (free download)

Reading Notes Template by Nafisa Ahmedi
Reading Notes Template by Nafisa Ahmedi | Learn with Nafisa

Improve your academic reading skills with this great template – I’ve designed it to help you organise information you read into relevant sections that make it easier to comprehend. You can download it here.

Reading Template Learn with Nafisa

This double-sided template is laid out with clear sections to give you guidance on what you’re reading, why you’re reading it and how the information will be useful in application to your studies.

💡Tip: read the information under each heading and complete each section carefully.   

This is a very useful tool to also help you with revision.

Have fun!


Lecture Notes Template (free download)

Lecture Notes Template by Nafisa Ahmedi

Here is a newly designed study skills aid for note-taking in lectures. From my experience teaching academic reading and writing, note-taking is something students often struggle with.

Note-taking is a technique that you need to develop in order to organise and understand the information you hear. You can download this free template to help you organise lecture information into clear and easy to understand chunks which will make it easier for you to process lecture content.

Lecture Notes Template by Nafisa AhmediRemember to:

  • Use the objectives section to set out what you what to achieve by the end of the lecture. Think about why the lecture is important – by the end of the lecture, what do you want to understand?
  • Make a list of the key points. What are the most important points you need to remember?
  • Use the information, detail & further examples section to expand on the key points, include anything important the lecturer says here.
  • Include a short summary at the end of your lecture. It’s best to do this after the lecture when you review the notes you made during the lecture. Cover these and try to write a short summary of what you can remember without looking at the details. Keep this summary short, within the small space provided.
  • Make an action plan of what self study to do next. What further questions do you have? What do you need to re-read? What don’t you understand and need further clarification on? What further reading do you plan? Remember the key to good grades is reading around your subject. It is simply not enough to rely solely on information from your lectures which is why this self-study and further reading section is important.

You can download your free copy here

Have fun!


Free Ramadan Guide & Planner 2018

Assalamu alaikum,

Welcome to my very first post of 2018. I’m very excited to share this project I’ve been working on for the past month, my Ramadan Guide & Planner 2018.

I am really excited to share this Ramadan Guide & Planner 2018 along with a full 30 day Ramadan Calendar for 2018 and a Ramadan Daily Planning Sheet because I believe planning and preparation are the keys for success in all walks of life and religious and spiritual aspects of our lives require the same if not more attention and a meticulous approach in order to ensure we get the best out of the Holy & Blessed month of Ramadan.

This 40-page, full colour Ramadan Guide & Planner 2018 is filled with practical tips and advice for both spiritual, mental and strategic preparation to ensure you achieve a very balanced and fruitful month of fasting. I hope you find this Guide both beneficial and inspiring and may Allah accept all our efforts of worship and make this forthcoming blessed month both easy and successful, Ameen.

I wish you all a blessed month 💕

Ramadan Kareem,


*All books and planners are FREE to download.

PLEASE NOTE: if downloading the free version from my online store: shop.missphdiva.co.uk – please remember to use the code: RAMADAN2018 at checkout to ensure you can download it free of charge.

Please download all 3 files:

🗒 Ramadan Guide & Planner 2018 by Nafisa Ahmedi

📆 Ramadan 30 Day Calendar by Nafisa Ahmedi

📝 Ramadan Daily Planning Sheet by Nafisa Ahmedi

Blog Collaboration: My Interview by Barakah’s Thoughts

Last month I had the pleasure of collaborating with fellow blogger Barakah’s Thoughts. Barakah interviewed me and asked questions on my blog, brand and business, career and interests which were a lot of fun to answer. 

Barakah is currently a medical student, writer and girl child education advocate. We both share very similar passions and interests but one thing about Barakah’s blog and interview that impressed and inspired me was her devotion to female and girl child empowerment. I have never been a feminist or women/girls’ rights activist however the collaboration with Barakah’s has inspired me to look closer at female empowerment and girl child education and empowerment issues both nationally and globally.

Thank-you Barakah for the opportunity! If you’d like to read my interview head over to her blog: Barakah’s Thoughts

Have a wonderful July,

~ Nafisa

5 Tips for a More Productive Ramadan

Happy 1st of June! As we are already into the 6th day of the Islamic holy month of fasting; Ramadan, I’d like to wish you all a Ramadan Kareem and share some productivity tips for work and study during this busy, significant month.

During Ramadan, Muslims are required to observe daily fasting from the hours of sunrise to sunset for the entire holy month. During this time of year, many people are studying for and sitting exams which may seem quite a challenge considering no food or drink can be consumed during the daylight hours. However, as someone who has studied for many, many exams and worked a full time job during long days in the summer months of Ramadan, I can attest how Ramadan can actually increase productivity for work, study and even business. Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Create a timetable for the entire month

Ramadan is very clear on what activities you can and can’t do during the day and night. Creating a timetable so you know what time to have a suhoor (pre-fast snack/meal), times to pray the daily 5 prayers, when to prepare for Iftar (meal for breaking the fast) will allow you to manage your time easily and allocate the time you need for work or study tasks during the day and/or after breaking your fast.

2. Stay hydrated

Even though you can’t drink during daylight hours of fasting, it’s very important to start breaking your fast with water and ensure you keep a steady intake of fluids after breaking fast. Avoid caffeinated drinks and opt for water and natural fruit juices that can boost your energy levels, especially during suhoor time.

3. Don’t stay awake the entire night

It’s easy to get carried away with the festive Ramadan nights but when you have to work and/or study, your priority is to sleep as early as you can so you can get up early too. The night is for sleeping and no matter how much sleep you may think you can get during the day, it’s not and never will amount to the quality of sleep your body gets during the night. It’s better to sleep after Isha prayers and wake up half an hour before Fajr for Suhoor and Tahajjud (night prayers).

4. Avoid going back to sleep after Fajr prayer

Fajr is the first and earliest of the 5 obligatory daily prayers. My ideal is to wake up around 30 mins before Fajr (the first of the 5 obligatory prayers) for Tahajjud. After prayer Fajr you will naturally feel vibrant and alert. Sont go back to bed after praying Fajr because starting your day as early as possible is no doubt one of the fundamental keys to success and an early start also helps keep your energy levels in balance throughout the day.

5. Be consistent through the entire month

Keeping a good daily routine requires a high level of consistency because once you loose focus and start doing too many things out of the order of your normal schedule more than once, your daily routine looses it’s structure and no longer becomes a routine. This is likely to mean less productivity and more procrastination for you.  sometimes consistency can be a difficult thing to get used to if you’ve been accustomed to an unstructured daily life. However, once you’ve put in place a structured routine (i.e.: by creating a Ramadan timetable) that is suited to your personal objectives and goals,  you’ll find it more beneficial than a burden. You are also far more likely to continue these productive habits even after the holy month of Ramadan.

It’s very important to remember Ramadan is a month that encourages productivity not laziness. Even though Muslims are required to abstain from eating and drinking during the day, it is not means for sleeping as a replacement for eating until the time to break fast. Many students are observing the fast alongside preparations and sitting exams this June so understanding that a good work balance between night and day, using time effectively and wisely and being consistent in your daily routine are some basic keys to leading a successful, productive and fulfilling life, both spiritually and materially as well as achieving success during exam periods and after.
I hope you’ve found my 5 tips helpful and I wish you a productive and successful Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem,

~ Nafisa

My New Book: ‘An Easy Guide To Creating POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS’

Happy 1st of May! I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since the book signing event of my first publication. I’m extremely pleased again to finally be able to share my latest book, ‘An Easy Guide To Creating Powerful Presentations’.

Just like my previous academic books, ‘An Easy Guide To Creating Powerful Presentations’ is a reader-centred step-by-step guide which includes planning and organisational worksheets to guide you through and help you create powerful presentations that will have a long lasting impact on your audience. This book focuses on each crucial stage and concept that is essential in creating effective and impactful presentations.

 ‘An Easy Guide To Creating Powerful Presentationscovers all the essential of good presentation and communication skills including signpost language and body language to help develop your confidence and public speaking skills.

For the contents page of ‘An Easy Guide To Creating Powerful Presentations’, click here.

‘An Easy Guide To Creating Powerful Presentations’ is available in paperback on Amazon (RRP £12.95) free UK delivery, T&Cs apply.

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Kate Spade New York Notebooks

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog or follow my Instagram page then it’s no surprise how much of a stationery lover and addict I am, though it’s also clear I’m only attracted to super glam and super girly notebooks and pens. In this case, Kate Spade stationery is no doubt very much up my street, with it’s simple elegance, glamour and sophistication, Kate Spade pens and notebooks always have me salivating immediately. So of course I was extremely excited and happy to finally get my hands on these gorgeous Kate Spade spiral notebooks.

First Impressions:

When I received my Kate Spade items, everything was neatly wrapped as you would expect from any bougie brand, so it felt a bit like opening birthday presents which only added to the allure of the notebooks. The larger notebook: Kate Spade New York mini polka dot large spiral has a very hard, sturdy front and back cover which makes it heavier than the smaller Kate Spade New York gold pavillion (medium) spiral notebook (this is approx. A5 size) which still has a cardboard cover but is not as solid as the large notebook.

The inside of the larger notebook: Kate Spade New York mini polka dot large spiral opens into a beautiful double spread of black polka dots on a cream page with a sleeve/pouchette on the right hand side to keep papers. This wonderful touch is replicated on the next page too, so there’s plenty of space to keep bits of paper organised in one place.

The smaller Kate Spade New York gold pavillion medium spiral notebook doesn’t have a sleeve/pouchette feature but it opens up into a beautiful bright pink interior with cream lined quality paper pages and golden spiral binding:


Kate Spade merchandise does come at a costly price in comparison to pretty much the same products you can purchase from regular high street retailers. However, the allure and quality of Kate Spade products can almost justify the need to splurge on such pretty items of stationery. I always feel that a pretty desk and pretty stationery inspires me to be more productive and take pride in my work which is why although I think £12 for the smaller Kate Spade New York gold pavillion medium spiral notebook and £16 for the larger Kate Spade New York mono polka dot spiral notebook may be expensive but at the same time totally worth it to brighten up your work days and be the envy of your work/study colleagues in the office or at college or university!

I’ve been using my Kate Spade notebooks for almost a month now and I love the hard back and sturdiness of the larger Kate Spade New York mono polka dot notebook in addition to the double sleeve/pouchette feature inside which helps me keeps my pieces of paper organised which is totally handy for my admin as a teacher.

I also love the lightweightness of the smaller Kate Spade New York gold pavillion medium spiral notebook which I use to jot down lesson notes/class profiles especially during this busy exam period. The bright gold polka dots also brightens up desk and is a pleasure to carry as arm candy to my daily meetings – viva glam teacher!

Get your very own gorgeous Kate Spade stationery from House of Fraser today, free UK delivery on orders over £50 (T&Cs apply)

Success, Confidence & Ambitions for Twenty Seventeen

I hope I’m not too late in wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous Twenty Seventeen. Last year was indeed quite an eventful year for me. I successfully launched my education and lifestyle business, saw my blog grow tremendously in its readership and published my first book; ‘An Easy Guide To Writing Essays‘.

As we welcome the wonderful new year, I am very pleased to present two of my new publications; ‘Signatures of a Boss‘ and ‘12 Keys To Success‘.

Signatures of a Boss

Signatures of a Boss‘ is written from an entrepreneurial point of view for aspiring and ambitious individuals. It is a reader-centred guide filled with steps and strategies for being a smart, confident and goal-focused individual whether in the field of education, work or business. This eBook is available for instant digital download from my online store; MissPhDiva & Co.


12 Keys To Success

12 Keys To Success‘ is a strategically designed, straightforward and reader-centred guide on achieving your visions and dreams and written with 12 useful tips based on my first hand experience and strategies I’ve used to turn my education, business and career goals into tangible results. It is designed with hands-on practical advice to engage active rather than passive reading. This eBook is available for instant digital download from my online store; MissPhDiva & Co.


Complimentary Boss Planner™ & Twenty Seventeen Calendars

As a bonus gift, both eBooks come with complimentary planning tools to help you plan your year and goals like a boss. Included with the digital downloads of both eBooks are:

♦The Boss Planner™ cover and intro
♦The Boss Planner™ week and day view printable agendas
♦The Boss Planner™ 2017 year view planner
♦Twenty Seventeen full page 12 month calendar
♦Twenty Seventeen 12 month view calendar


Please use the complimentary code: SUCCESS at checkout to get a further 10% off your purchase of both eBooks.

I wish you a success and productive Twenty Seventeen 

~ Nafisa