Success, Confidence & Ambitions for Twenty Seventeen

I hope I’m not too late in wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous Twenty Seventeen. Last year was indeed quite an eventful year for me. I successfully launched my education and lifestyle business, saw my blog grow tremendously in its readership and published my first book; ‘An Easy Guide To Writing Essays‘.

As we welcome the wonderful new year, I am very pleased to present two of my new publications; ‘Signatures of a Boss‘ and ‘12 Keys To Success‘.

Signatures of a Boss

Signatures of a Boss‘ is written from an entrepreneurial point of view for aspiring and ambitious individuals. It is a reader-centred guide filled with steps and strategies for being a smart, confident and goal-focused individual whether in the field of education, work or business. This eBook is available for instant digital download from my online store; MissPhDiva & Co.


12 Keys To Success

12 Keys To Success‘ is a strategically designed, straightforward and reader-centred guide on achieving your visions and dreams and written with 12 useful tips based on my first hand experience and strategies I’ve used to turn my education, business and career goals into tangible results. It is designed with hands-on practical advice to engage active rather than passive reading. This eBook is available for instant digital download from my online store; MissPhDiva & Co.


Complimentary Boss Planner™ & Twenty Seventeen Calendars

As a bonus gift, both eBooks come with complimentary planning tools to help you plan your year and goals like a boss. Included with the digital downloads of both eBooks are:

♦The Boss Planner™ cover and intro
♦The Boss Planner™ week and day view printable agendas
♦The Boss Planner™ 2017 year view planner
♦Twenty Seventeen full page 12 month calendar
♦Twenty Seventeen 12 month view calendar


Please use the complimentary code: SUCCESS at checkout to get a further 10% off your purchase of both eBooks.

I wish you a success and productive Twenty Seventeen 

~ Nafisa