5 Tips for Post-Graduate Application Personal Statements

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A personal statement or a supporting statement is a piece of writing about you and your background submitted in application for a post-graduate degree. Its purpose serves as a chance for you to demonstrate why you are a suitable candidate for the degree programme you’re applying for and to set you apart from other applicants. It’s therefore essential that you get it right in order to showcase the best of your skills, abilities and other relevant information about yourself.

In my video here, I discuss and highlight the importance of making your statement specific rather than generic. A common mistake many applicants make is they treat it as a piece of writing which provides a summary of their skills and previous education and qualifications, however, this is not what the university admissions team want to see as there are already sections within your application which provide for these.

In order to avoid your statement being boring and generic, I have designed a personal statement planning sheet which breaks down the specific information and details you need to include to make your application worth reading and stand out from the rest of the other applications. This is particularly important if you are applying to Russell group universities in the UK or any other top institutions in English speaking countries. You can download this template for free here:

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If you would like my professional guidance and support for writing your personal statement and/or any other aspect of making an application to a university in the UK, you can book a private online consultation with me here.