Book Presentation Video

My Presentation & Book Signing at Bayero University Kano for my book ‘An Easy Guide To Writing Essays’ – on 9 July 2016. This was an impromptu filming and the footage was taken by my uncle on my iPod on the day hence the reason for the shaky quality especially at the beginning.
The beginning of the video is an introduction by Dr. Ahmad Murtala, Deputy Deen of the Faculty of Arts & Islamic Studies and Academic Planning and the chair of the event Prof. Yusuf M. Adamu, Director of Bayero University Press.

Alhough the video does appear choppy in some parts, we still managed to film the overall content of the presentation, here is an outline of the talk:

1.  Introduction
2. The importance of student centred learning
3. About the book
4. A talk through the book
5. How to purchase a copy
6. Where to find me
7. Open Q&A

‘An Easy Guide To Writing Essays’ is available on Amazon.comIf you are purchasing from Nigeria, you can order a copy directly from my online shop MissPhDiva & Co.

~ Nafisa ♥