5 Tips for Post-Graduate Application Personal Statements

Learn with Nafisa - Personal Statements for Postgraduate Study

A personal statement or a supporting statement is a piece of writing about you and your background submitted in application for a post-graduate degree. Its purpose serves as a chance for you to demonstrate why you are a suitable candidate for the degree programme you’re applying for and to set you apart from other applicants. It’s therefore essential that you get it right in order to showcase the best of your skills, abilities and other relevant information about yourself.

In my video here, I discuss and highlight the importance of making your statement specific rather than generic. A common mistake many applicants make is they treat it as a piece of writing which provides a summary of their skills and previous education and qualifications, however, this is not what the university admissions team want to see as there are already sections within your application which provide for these.

In order to avoid your statement being boring and generic, I have designed a personal statement planning sheet which breaks down the specific information and details you need to include to make your application worth reading and stand out from the rest of the other applications. This is particularly important if you are applying to Russell group universities in the UK or any other top institutions in English speaking countries. You can download this template for free here:

Nafisa London Academic Consulting

If you would like my professional guidance and support for writing your personal statement and/or any other aspect of making an application to a university in the UK, you can book a private online consultation with me here.

New Mid-Year Monthly Planner – (free template)

Happy 1st of June! What beautiful weather we have been enjoying over the past month here in London, England! And now June is here, we can officially call it summer. What better way to celebrate here on this blog than with a freebie?

So here is a my newly designed mid-year monthly planner which you can download instantly here

It’s never to late to start or refine your schedule and I hope this template will help you organise your upcoming month so you have a productive and stress-free June.


~ Nafisa

Learn with Nafisa blog mid year monthly planner

Academic Reading Template (free download)

Reading Notes Template by Nafisa Ahmedi
Reading Notes Template by Nafisa Ahmedi | Learn with Nafisa

Improve your academic reading skills with this great template – I’ve designed it to help you organise information you read into relevant sections that make it easier to comprehend. You can download it here.

Reading Template Learn with Nafisa

This double-sided template is laid out with clear sections to give you guidance on what you’re reading, why you’re reading it and how the information will be useful in application to your studies.

💡Tip: read the information under each heading and complete each section carefully.   

This is a very useful tool to also help you with revision.

Have fun!


Lecture Notes Template (free download)

Lecture Notes Template by Nafisa Ahmedi

Here is a newly designed study skills aid for note-taking in lectures. From my experience teaching academic reading and writing, note-taking is something students often struggle with.

Note-taking is a technique that you need to develop in order to organise and understand the information you hear. You can download this free template to help you organise lecture information into clear and easy to understand chunks which will make it easier for you to process lecture content.

Lecture Notes Template by Nafisa AhmediRemember to:

  • Use the objectives section to set out what you what to achieve by the end of the lecture. Think about why the lecture is important – by the end of the lecture, what do you want to understand?
  • Make a list of the key points. What are the most important points you need to remember?
  • Use the information, detail & further examples section to expand on the key points, include anything important the lecturer says here.
  • Include a short summary at the end of your lecture. It’s best to do this after the lecture when you review the notes you made during the lecture. Cover these and try to write a short summary of what you can remember without looking at the details. Keep this summary short, within the small space provided.
  • Make an action plan of what self study to do next. What further questions do you have? What do you need to re-read? What don’t you understand and need further clarification on? What further reading do you plan? Remember the key to good grades is reading around your subject. It is simply not enough to rely solely on information from your lectures which is why this self-study and further reading section is important.

You can download your free copy here

Have fun!


Free Ramadan Guide & Planner 2018

Assalamu alaikum,

Welcome to my very first post of 2018. I’m very excited to share this project I’ve been working on for the past month, my Ramadan Guide & Planner 2018.

I am really excited to share this Ramadan Guide & Planner 2018 along with a full 30 day Ramadan Calendar for 2018 and a Ramadan Daily Planning Sheet because I believe planning and preparation are the keys for success in all walks of life and religious and spiritual aspects of our lives require the same if not more attention and a meticulous approach in order to ensure we get the best out of the Holy & Blessed month of Ramadan.

This 40-page, full colour Ramadan Guide & Planner 2018 is filled with practical tips and advice for both spiritual, mental and strategic preparation to ensure you achieve a very balanced and fruitful month of fasting. I hope you find this Guide both beneficial and inspiring and may Allah accept all our efforts of worship and make this forthcoming blessed month both easy and successful, Ameen.

I wish you all a blessed month 💕

Ramadan Kareem,


*All books and planners are FREE to download.

PLEASE NOTE: if downloading the free version from my online store: shop.missphdiva.co.uk – please remember to use the code: RAMADAN2018 at checkout to ensure you can download it free of charge.

Please download all 3 files:

🗒 Ramadan Guide & Planner 2018 by Nafisa Ahmedi

📆 Ramadan 30 Day Calendar by Nafisa Ahmedi

📝 Ramadan Daily Planning Sheet by Nafisa Ahmedi

Kate Spade New York Notebooks

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog or follow my Instagram page then it’s no surprise how much of a stationery lover and addict I am, though it’s also clear I’m only attracted to super glam and super girly notebooks and pens. In this case, Kate Spade stationery is no doubt very much up my street, with it’s simple elegance, glamour and sophistication, Kate Spade pens and notebooks always have me salivating immediately. So of course I was extremely excited and happy to finally get my hands on these gorgeous Kate Spade spiral notebooks.

First Impressions:

When I received my Kate Spade items, everything was neatly wrapped as you would expect from any bougie brand, so it felt a bit like opening birthday presents which only added to the allure of the notebooks. The larger notebook: Kate Spade New York mini polka dot large spiral has a very hard, sturdy front and back cover which makes it heavier than the smaller Kate Spade New York gold pavillion (medium) spiral notebook (this is approx. A5 size) which still has a cardboard cover but is not as solid as the large notebook.

The inside of the larger notebook: Kate Spade New York mini polka dot large spiral opens into a beautiful double spread of black polka dots on a cream page with a sleeve/pouchette on the right hand side to keep papers. This wonderful touch is replicated on the next page too, so there’s plenty of space to keep bits of paper organised in one place.

The smaller Kate Spade New York gold pavillion medium spiral notebook doesn’t have a sleeve/pouchette feature but it opens up into a beautiful bright pink interior with cream lined quality paper pages and golden spiral binding:


Kate Spade merchandise does come at a costly price in comparison to pretty much the same products you can purchase from regular high street retailers. However, the allure and quality of Kate Spade products can almost justify the need to splurge on such pretty items of stationery. I always feel that a pretty desk and pretty stationery inspires me to be more productive and take pride in my work which is why although I think £12 for the smaller Kate Spade New York gold pavillion medium spiral notebook and £16 for the larger Kate Spade New York mono polka dot spiral notebook may be expensive but at the same time totally worth it to brighten up your work days and be the envy of your work/study colleagues in the office or at college or university!

I’ve been using my Kate Spade notebooks for almost a month now and I love the hard back and sturdiness of the larger Kate Spade New York mono polka dot notebook in addition to the double sleeve/pouchette feature inside which helps me keeps my pieces of paper organised which is totally handy for my admin as a teacher.

I also love the lightweightness of the smaller Kate Spade New York gold pavillion medium spiral notebook which I use to jot down lesson notes/class profiles especially during this busy exam period. The bright gold polka dots also brightens up desk and is a pleasure to carry as arm candy to my daily meetings – viva glam teacher!

Get your very own gorgeous Kate Spade stationery from House of Fraser today, free UK delivery on orders over £50 (T&Cs apply)

Success, Confidence & Ambitions for Twenty Seventeen

I hope I’m not too late in wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous Twenty Seventeen. Last year was indeed quite an eventful year for me. I successfully launched my education and lifestyle business, saw my blog grow tremendously in its readership and published my first book; ‘An Easy Guide To Writing Essays‘.

As we welcome the wonderful new year, I am very pleased to present two of my new publications; ‘Signatures of a Boss‘ and ‘12 Keys To Success‘.

Signatures of a Boss

Signatures of a Boss‘ is written from an entrepreneurial point of view for aspiring and ambitious individuals. It is a reader-centred guide filled with steps and strategies for being a smart, confident and goal-focused individual whether in the field of education, work or business. This eBook is available for instant digital download from my online store; MissPhDiva & Co.


12 Keys To Success

12 Keys To Success‘ is a strategically designed, straightforward and reader-centred guide on achieving your visions and dreams and written with 12 useful tips based on my first hand experience and strategies I’ve used to turn my education, business and career goals into tangible results. It is designed with hands-on practical advice to engage active rather than passive reading. This eBook is available for instant digital download from my online store; MissPhDiva & Co.


Complimentary Boss Planner™ & Twenty Seventeen Calendars

As a bonus gift, both eBooks come with complimentary planning tools to help you plan your year and goals like a boss. Included with the digital downloads of both eBooks are:

♦The Boss Planner™ cover and intro
♦The Boss Planner™ week and day view printable agendas
♦The Boss Planner™ 2017 year view planner
♦Twenty Seventeen full page 12 month calendar
♦Twenty Seventeen 12 month view calendar


Please use the complimentary code: SUCCESS at checkout to get a further 10% off your purchase of both eBooks.

I wish you a success and productive Twenty Seventeen 

~ Nafisa