My Book Signing

I was very excited to be able to hold a book signing event in Kano’s oldest university – Bayero University Kano (BUK) on Saturday 9th July. It was a great pleasure to present my bookAn Easy Guide To Writing Essays’ to the university’s Academic Planning and Deputy Deen of Faculty of Arts and Islamic Studies, University Press Director, students, other academics and professionals.

I wanted to hold a seminar-style book signing whereby the event would have a presentation on the concept and theories of learning that inspired me to write the book followed by an open floor question and answer session for both students and educators to interact with me and discuss any issues arising from the talk. I was delighted when Professor Yusuf Adamu – Director of Bayero University Press offered me the opportunity to hold the book signing at the university’s press building.

Prof. Yusuf M Adamu (who chaired the event) & I outside the University Press main building
Prof. Yusuf M. Adamu – Director of Bayero University Press
The book signing was preceded by an introduction from the chair of the event Prof. Yusuf and Dr Ahmad followed by a presentation on the concept and inspiration behind the creation of the book, principles of student -centred learning and an opportunity for a floor discussion
Boardroom in the University Press main building – compliments of BUK made the event a seminar style and perfect for open questions and answers
A personal touch ~ I wanted all guests to feel very much part of the event
Dr Ahamd Murtala – Deputy Deen of the Faculty of Arts & Islamic Studies and Directorate of Academic Planning & I

Photos from the book signing

It was a pleasure to meet all the people who had pre-ordered a copy of An Easy Guide To Writing Essays’ as the event was inspired by these people who couldn’t purchase a copy from Amazon. I would often get emails asking me how people could purchase a copy in Nigeria, so the idea to hold an exclusive book signing event in Kano where people who wanted a copy could come and get theirs signed seemed a great opportunity. Alhamdulillah, the idea and event was a great success and the book was received and reviewed highly favourably by the academic staff at Bayero University Kano.

For most of the attendees, this was my first time meeting them. Some had traveled from other states specially to attend the book signing which was a big honour for me indeed.

Special thanks

The book signing and presentation of An Easy Guide To Writing Essays was a great success and very memorable day for me ~ an event which I could never have mastered on my own without the help and support of many wonderful people.

First and foremost as always, all Praise, Thanks and Glory are due to Allah SWT. Nothing can be accomplished except by his Divine permission. His knowledge is that which extends beyond the heavens and the earth.

 “…and above every possessor of knowledge there is One more learned” “وفوق كل ذي علم عليم”

~ Motto of Bayero University Kano

A massive thank you to my mother, the driving force behind my success, I could never thank you enough for your inspiration, guidance and dedication and all your hard work to ensure this event was a success, Alhamdulillah. May Allah reward you abundantly.

Another big thank you to the academic staff at Bayero University Kano for hosting the event, in particular to Prof. Yusuf M Adamu who chaired the event and Dr Ahmad Murtala for his initial interest, support and promotion of my book and for coordinating the event.

A special thank you my great-uncle, Alhaji Yahya Muhammad Inuwa Abbas – Dan Majen Kano for all his support, encouragement and efforts to make things happen from day one.

I would also like to say a very big thank you to everybody who attended the book signing and presentation of An Easy Guide To Writing Essays’  and everyone who pre-ordered copies and also those who purchased copies before and after the event. Your support is highly appreciated.

Group photo of the day ~ a bright suggestion from Prof. Yusuf
Prof. Muhammad Sani Zahradeen – Grand Imam of Kano

Last but definitely not least, I would like to say a big thank you to a very special person, a humble and kind spirited gentleman – Professor Muhammad Sani Zahradeen, Grand Imam of Kano. Thank you for your initial positive reception of my book, thank you for an academic review of the book and thank you for all your support and encouragement and for making the collaboration with Bayero University Kano possible. Jazakallah khair.

‘An Easy Guide To Writing Essays’ is available on If you are purchasing from Nigeria, you can buy it directly from my online store – just select Nigeria as your country for shipping.